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Guided Tours (Hiroshima City and Miyajima)

A high-quality licensed guide-interpreter takes you to not only the A- Bomb Dome and Miyajima but also other spots in Hiroshima City. Certainly, your trip will be more enjoyable and impressive.

A: Peace Memorial Park & Hiroshima City (4Hours) -- "History tour of Hiroshima"
Showing around the monuments, A-bomb Dome, the museum and the Castle
Until the A- bomb was dropped, the present-day Peace Memorial Park was the busy downtown hub of Hiroshima. Hiroshima Castle was the fifth largest castle in Japan. But the Castle was completely destroyed by the A-bomb. The A-bomb victims managed to run away to Shukkeien Garden and died at last. By understanding the history of Hiroshima, you'll discover the secrets of the remarkable recovery of Hiroshima. Please listen to our guide's stories.
---Basic Price: 11,000 JPY(for a tour)
---Sightseeing Spots
------Peace Memorial Park, Peace Memorial Museum, A-bomb Dome, and Hiroshima Castle
---Meeting place
------In front of the main entrance of Peace Memorial Museum
Hiroshima Castle
B: Miyajima (4Hours) -- "Tour around Itsukushima Shrine"
Giving you a tour of the Shrine & Temples, symbols of Miyajima
You can really enjoy the magnificent view of Itsukushima Shrine and Torii on the sea, especially at high tide. They seem to be floating on the sea. Also, you'll find Five- storied Pagoda and Senjyokaku are historically impressive and interesting.
---Basic Price: \11,000(for a tour)
---Sightseeing Spots
------Itsukushima Shrine, Senjokaku, Daiganji Temple, and Five-storied Pagoda
---Meeting place
------In front of McDonald's(1F), the South gate of JR Hiroshima Sta.
Five-storied PagodaFive-storied Pagoda
C: Miyajima (7Hours) -- "Trip enjoying Miyajima to the fullest"
Experiencing Japan through Shrine, temples, a magnificent view of the sea
For visitors, Daiganji and Daisho-in are very interesting and accessible temples. Daiganji Temple used to play a central role in the temples on the island. Daisho-in Temple is one of the most important Shingon Buddhist temples. Behind Daisho-in Temple, there is a spiritual mountain called Misen, where there are marvels or wonders, and whose observatory commands a picturesque view of the Seto Inland Sea. Discover beauty of Japan here, please.
---Basic Price: 18,000 JPY(for a tour)
---Sightseeing Spots
------Itsukushima Shrine, and Senjokaku, Five-storied Pagoda, Daiganji Temple and either Mt. Misen(by cable car) or Daisho-in Temple
---------Pleasure from the fantastic scenery of the sea from the viewing platform
---Meeting place
------In front of McDonald's(1F), the South gate of JR Hiroshima Sta.
the scenery of the sea from the viewing platform
D. Miyajima & Hiroshima City (7Hours) -- "Tour of Two World Heritage Sites"
Absorbing the peaceful atmosphere of Miyajima and Hiroshima
Miyajima and Hiroshima City are full of tourist attractions. You'll feel your tour ends too soon. You'll wish to stay longer here.
---Basic Price: 18,000 JPY(for a tour)
---Sightseeing Spots
------Itsukushima Shrine, Senjokaku, Five-storied Pagoda, A-bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Park, and Peace Memorial Museum.
---Meeting place
------In front of McDonald's(1F), the South gate of JR Hiroshima Sta.
Price is based on the type of the tour. Please pay in cash (yen) at the meeting place before your tour.
The price covers neither admission fee, lunch nor transportation
*transportation fare; JR, street car, bus, ferry, ropeway
~Additional Price
~~~Additional guide service is available at 3,000 JPY/hour.
~JR pass entitles you to free rides on JR trains and JR ferries.
~You can combine and modify sightseeing spots according to your wishes. Please feel free to ask your guide.
[Cancellation fee]
*More than 1day before 0%
*1day before 50%
*The day of your tour 100%

to larger map Hiroshima Sightseeing Spot
Guided tour
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